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Many men think Hungarian girls are very beautiful. I think before you consider them for marriage think not just about their physical beauty but their personally and the way they see the world. How traditional society influences their thinking. Hungarian girls are pretty but I guess I am not attracted to them because some of them have adopted non-traditional feminist ways of thinking like many western countries. Dislike me if you like for that, but I prefer girls that cook and take care of the family and try to stay beautiful to feminists females who are chasing a career while their kids are in day care. Therefore, for marriage I think Eastern European countries are a better choice if you are searching for a wife, a more traditional wife than Hungarian girls, given the current social changes. I think Budapest girls are also very liberal (unlike their neighbour girls from Slovakia) compared to the girls in the countryside, at least from what I have personally observed. This means that although in theory catholic they are not that traditional, like the same girl living in the villages. They believe in divorce, single parent homes etc. So there are no real great advantages to dating Hungarian girls for love if they hold those views, which are not much different than say a liberal USA girl. Unless of course, you are attracted to this modernist thinking. Me, I am not. I am a simple girl.

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